About Me (:

Vanessa Lynn is a mid-20 something Heidelberg (Germany) native living and working in the Midwest (USA).  As a lover of all things creative, fluffy and pink, her Midwest based life offers her many exciting experiences – most of which are documented through her blog.  After many failed attemps to keep up with the maintenence of a blog, Vanessa Lynn finally has the motivation, perseverence and inspiration that she wishes to share with the [blogging] world.

On Christmas Eve 2013, Vanessa received shocking news that would change her life forever.  Unfortunately, she will not be discussing the personal issue anytime soon but instead will be embracing this tragic event, hoping that blogging regularily in 2014 will help heal her wounds.

Want to get in touch?
Email: to be announced
Facebook: to be announced
Instagram: @veryyyvanessaaa
Twitter: http://twitter.com/vness_uh
Tumblr: http://la-la-la-whateverrr.tumblr.com

(I hope this will happen so I am just putting ot out there for now) This site will occasionally use affiliate links, which may generate a small commission, to link out to specific products featured. Products received as gifts will be disclosed in posts where they appear. Sponsored posts will always be disclosed as such.


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