Hi, Hello

Hi, Hello

It’s been a few days (weeks) since I last posted, I apologize sincerely but some soul searching was much needed. I will be explaining everything after my impromptu trip to NYC this weekend. Advertisements

(Page 2 of 365) Who am I?

I was in a very serious relationship for 6 years.  It wasn’t the easiest 6 years because of the crap that was thrown at us but we were easy.  Our situation and circumstances tested the relationship.  Although I continued to fight, he had given up when the light at the end of our tunnel was so close, you could basically taste it.  I found this out on Christmas Eve, however he already had 6 months of moving on (WITH SOMEONE ELSE-7 years younger than him) before telling me a day before I was supposed to fly to see him.

I find myself alone for the first time yet surrounded by family.  I was a girlfriend, partner, wife and best friend, I don’t know how to be anything else anymore.  This is when I realized that I don’t know the first time about who I am without those labels.

This year I am determined to better myself and figure out as much as possible about myself.

I showered after my 30 minute run/jog/walk workout last night and realized that it was definitely time to shave my legs, like on a regular basis.  I remember reading or watching a TV show and the main character went to bed in a full faced make up because you never know what could happen in the middle of the night and/or who you could meet!  I felt that way in the shower.  I needed to stay groomed because you never know who you will meet and how hot and heavy it could get at a moments notice.  It’s something that I didn’t really have to do because when you are in a serious relationship it’s not a demand, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

I decided to shave my legs, exfoliate my skin and used my clarisonic to detox my face of impurities.  I haven’t done a full showering program in years!  It felt luxurious but what really hit me was after the shower.  I decided to use the “sexy” body lotion to moisturize my skin.  I freaked out for a moment-is this a thing that single ladies do?  I get that it makes you feel special but it’s exhausting.  I really hope that I don’t have to do this type of shower EVERY single day.

Page 1 of 365

All I need to do now is find myself a NYC apartment with three crazy roommates named, Schmidt, Winston and Nick.  Hi, Hello my name is Jessica Day.

Oh crap, this storyline already happened.  Well there goes my 15 minutes of fame.  My main purpose is not to find myself a Nick Miller but to find myself again.  I want to figure out what I like, what I don’t and how to date again.  However, if on this long journey of self acceptance and self love I happen to stumble upon my Mr. Right, then I won’t say no.  Until then, please stay tuned to my daily posts, for the next 365 days.